Keeping your workplace safe

We take the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic very seriously, but even during this stressful time business must go on.

We have a separate entrance and exam rooms to isolate non-infectious Primary Care and Occupational Medicine visits from patients with COVID-19 concerns and from those with other urgent care illnesses and injuries.

Also, urgent care patients who are not presenting coronavirus symptoms and COVID-19 patients each have their own separate clinics, entrances and examination areas.

“We’ve taken these steps to insure the health and safety of your employees,” said OCCMed Director Jennifer Carmack.

OCCMed patients coming to our Jackson location for drug testing, DOT physicals, a workers comp injury and other OCCMed services, will enter the OCCMed and Primary Care clinic through our new addition on the north side of our Jackson location.


“They will be completely separated from patients with COVID-19 concerns and other infections,” Carmack said.

Meanwhile, Physicians Quality Care OCCMed continues to offer services at your location. For a list of services, click here.

Employee Coronavirus Testing

We can test your employees for the coronavirus if you have an employee at high risk or who is overly concerned about having the virus.

High risk employees, for example, include someone with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or pulmonary disease including COPD and asthma. We can also test employees who are simply overly concerned – perhaps they have an elderly family member at home or are just unable to function because of anxiety about the pandemic.

Call us at 731-984-8400, either in advance or when your employee pulls into our parking lot. We will need to know before we admit the employee whether this is a “personal visit” (patient responsibility) or is billed to the company.

They will be given a mask and specific instructions, brought through the COVID-19 clinic entrance and taken directly to an exam room without waiting. Along with the test for COVID-19, the exam includes a medical history, physical exam and screening for other common illnesses that are treatable yet may mimic COVID-19 symptoms.

The FDA-approved coronavirus test is sent to a CDC-approved national reference lab.

While awaiting results, the patient is asked to go home and self-quarantine. We hope this helps to prevent this potentially serious illness from crippling your workforce.

Unfortunately, we cannot do drive-through screenings or test entire populations (such as all of your employees) because it would unnecessarily strain a health care system that is already operating at near 100 percent capacity.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Carmack at or 731-984-8400.