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July 2018

Time to schedule those flu shots!
Health fairs
Working in heat
We speak OSHA!
Annual hearing tests at your workplace


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June 2018

Knowing what to do saves lives
Drug Screening
We speak OSHA!
Save money on employee medical care



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May 2018

Reduce medical costs - Our on-site clinics & health care plan save employers money
Would you know what to do?
We speak OSHA!
Sit less, put more activity in your life
Working more than 40 hours a week may be unhealthy


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April 2018

Know how to control bleeding
Take your plant to work
We speak OSHA!
Loud noise at work threatens more than your hearing



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March 2018

Companies should have violence response plan to protect employees
Workplace bullying affects the bottom line
We speak OSHA!
Inactivity: The new health issue in the workplace


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February 2018

Active shooter seminar teaches you what to do until help arrives
We speak OSHA!
Don’t let the flu spread at your workplace


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January 2018

Create a tobacco-free workplace
Workers ill over no paid sick leave
We speak OSHA!
Working night shifts may widen your waistline



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December 2017

The office party: how to eat safely & healthy
Start a wellness program
New hours for OCCMed
We speak OSHA!
Do you have a cold, or is it the flu?
We are still offering flu shots


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November 2017

Control noise at your work site
OSHA says ...
Fight the flu
We speak OSHA!
The upside and downside of working from home


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October 2017

Walking: It's a great habit
It's possible to develop asthma from workplace exposure
This flu season ...
We speak OSHA!



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September 2017

Getting the flu can be serious
Did you know? Health news for the workplace
Alcohol use, abuse on the rise
We speak OSHA!

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August 2017

Be prepared for worksite heart emergencies
Could your office job rob you of Vitamin D?
Let’s have an employee health fair!
We speak OSHA!


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July 2017

Learn how to prevent back pain at work
Fight the flu
Signs of air quality problems in the workplace
We speak OSHA!


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June 2017

Distracted driving is dangerous driving
Beat the heat
How eye injuries occur
We speak OSHA!

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May 2017

Firefighters face greater risk of heart attacks
Job stress can be all-consuming — but it doesn't have to be
Workplace violence studied in private industry
We speak OSHA!


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April 2017

Lower your medical costs with Physicians Quality Care’s Healthcare Plan
Eating, texting, talking on phone not safe while driving
Women who sit all day have higher risk of breast cancer
We speak OSHA!


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March 2017

If an employee gets injured on the job, our doors are open
Protect yourself from job-related skin problems
Truckers’ eating habits concern us all
We speak OSHA!

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February 2017

• Use the right respiratory protection
• Welders at risk of developing Parkinson's
Make sure you stay safe at work
We speak OSHA!




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January 2017

• Even low-intensity smokers increase their risk of earlier death
• We'll customize your wellness plan
The basics of weight control
We speak OSHA!
Cold weather safety


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December 2016

• Healthy eating during the holiday season
• A wellness program for your worksite – now that’s a nice Christmas gift!
How do you know if you have the flu?
We speak OSHA!
What are repetative motion disorders



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November 2016

• Workplace wellness programs improve mental health, too
• Don’t ignore the flu risk!
Enjoying your co-workers boosts your health
Dealing with drug and alcohol abuse
We speak OSHA!



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October 2016

• Flu shots reduce risk of hospital stays
• We make it easy to get a flu shot
Easy ways to build activity into your workday
After-hours work email no friend of family life
We speak OSHA!



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September 2016

• Meet fitness goals by walking at work
• Schedule employee flu shots today!
Flu shots important for patients with type 2 diabetes
Americans gaining weight
We speak OSHA!


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August 2016

• Injuries from falls a dangerous part of many jobs
• Schedule employee flu shots today!
Young workers experience higher injury rates
Avoid heat stress while working outside
We speak OSHA!


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July 2016

• Prevent injuries to your feet
• Schedule employee flu shots today!
More research needed on sit-stand desks
We speak OSHA!



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June 2016

• Study finds that hearing loss is among most chronic physical conditions in U.S.
• Protect employees from Zika virus exposure
Long work hours lead to poor health
We speak OSHA!



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May 2016

• Monetary penalties do better than rewards in motivating employees on health
• Need help with a work wellness program?
Recognizing work-related asthma
We speak OSHA!


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April 2016

• What did you say? Our onsite unit can check your employees’ hearing
• We offer clinics and other onsite programs
Safety, health issues for women at work
We speak OSHA!
High-stress jobs, strokes linked

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March 2016

• Bottom line: On-site clinics, wellness programs save employers money
• Belly fat is bad, even at a normal weight
We speak OSHA!
Lift safely, work safely ...

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February 2016

• Work safer, more comfortably
• Are you at risk of having a job burnout?
We speak OSHA!

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January 2016

• New Year's resolution: Help workers improve their health!
• Prevent the spread of flu in the workplace
We speak OSHA!


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December 2015

• When is drinking a problem?
We speak OSHA!
• Take steps now to prevent spread of flu
Study: job stress tied to stroke risk




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November 2015

• A successful company wellness program offers convenient healthy options
We speak OSHA!
• Protect yourself from getting the flu
Mid-morning work breaks boost energy


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• Wellness programs cut health costs
• Brian Mainers joins OCCMed
• We speak OSHA!
• Watch acetaminophen intake

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January 2014

December 2013

• DOT changes requirements
• Need medical care during the holidays?
• Start the new year off right!
Think ahead to avoid work injuries, medical problems
We speak OSHA!
Returning to work after an injury

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