Whether it’s a program to help employees quit smoking or develop healthy lifestyle habits, or an on-site medical clinic, Physicians Quality Care OCCMed has custom plans to meet the wellness needs of your businesses or industry.

Our goal is to help keep your employees healthy; we know that every time an employee visits the doctor or is home sick, the bottom line of your business is affected.

Our on-site wellness services include clinics staffed by a physician or nurse practitioner that can offer physicals, annual exams, blood pressure checks, flu shots and non-emergency medical treatment. Other on-site services include classes on stop-smoking and other health issues; health fairs; hearing tests; pre-employment and other drug screenings; safety classes; CPR, first aid and AED certification; and exercise programs.

We encourage you to put Physicians Quality Care OCCMed on your workers comp panel. We are experts at steering you through the entire workers’ compensation process – from treating the injured employee and determining causation to keeping you informed throughout the process and providing the documentation you need.

If your company is considering an on-site clinic or other wellness services, we encourage you to contact us before making a decision.